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Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug Rehabilitation Begins With Detox

Health experts define addiction as a condition where the brain becomes rewired by the use of substances. The uncontrollable compulsion to use the drug creates a dependency in which the individual believes that the benefits of using the drug far outweigh any serious issues that may occur from its use and acquisition. When one becomes a chronic user of drugs, this changes the natural chemistry of the brain. As the body develops a tolerance of the drug over time, withdrawal symptoms are likely to occur which often prompts the user to ingest the drug in even greater amounts in order to feel its pleasurable effects. This is a critical moment where a user can become completely dependent upon their substance of choice which can be clearly reflected in their behavior and choices at this time.

Treatment for drug addiction at Sprout Health Florida is a comprehensive program which offers several different means of treating patients based on their individual needs:

Drug Detox – Drug rehabilitation programs begin with the detoxification process. The levels of detox treatment vary based on the extent of addiction and drug levels presently in one’s system. At Sprout Health Florida, our staff ensures that this process is guided by compassionate medical professionals who can determine the most efficient ways to rid the patient’s body of harmful substances and provide the next steps towards recovery.

solemn-863667_1280Partial Hospitalization Program – This is a medically supervised program for individuals who may require comprehensive clinical services and therapy. It is recommended for those who need a highly managed system in place to ensure the effectiveness of treatment. Treatment can occur in non-residential or non-inpatient settings.

Residential Treatment – For dual diagnosis patients, our residential inpatient drug program may be necessary. Individuals in residential treatment do not require 24-hour supervision or round-the-clock medical care. As a benefit of this treatment, cognitive-behavioral therapy can also be conducted earlier in the detox treatment phase which can only improve the chances for complete recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment – Many individuals are able to manage their addiction to a certain extent yet are still able to acknowledge that their addiction can worsen with ongoing drug use. For these patients, our outpatient addiction treatment program may be useful. Patients are required to attend addiction treatment sessions regularly but are able to return to their residences and participate in normal, daily activities. Individuals in this program must exercise self-discipline by avoiding temptations in their everyday lives.

At Sprout Health Florida, drug addiction treatment is provided with a highly individualized and knowledgeable approach. Here, no two treatments are the same. We are aware that addictions to illicit, or prescription drugs are based on a set of complex factors which vary based upon the individual. We also understand that quality treatment takes time. Breaking the habit of addiction and adjusting to a life without drug dependence, may be one of the most difficult experiences in one’s lifetime. Even more difficult however, is to hurt one’s own livelihood and potentially harm our own loved ones due to the uncontrollable and unpredictable nature of substance abuse.

After a thorough evaluation, treatment plans can be customized to suit the patient’s particular needs and habits. Our team at Sprout Health Florida ensures that all individuals placed in our care are continuously monitored throughout the recovery process and that actionable steps are taken to correct what may not be effective. As a patient begins to understand the causes of their addiction, participation in their own recovery tends to become easier and more rewarding. Again, a personal support system for our patients is highly important. Friends and family must equip themselves with knowledge of the recovery process so that they may provide ongoing support during the program and on into post-treatment.

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After completing the assessment, Sprout Health Florida offers several different types of therapies to provide treatment for behavioral and mental tendencies of those who struggle with addiction. These therapies address all areas necessary to the path of recovery.