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Detox Options

Detox Is The First Step To A New Life

At Sprout Health Florida, we recognize that detoxification is the first and most difficult step in the treatment process. Individuals who take this first step and complete a detox program should view this as a major accomplishment. Detoxification is the sole method to remove the harmful substances from the body. As a result of this process, withdrawal occurs by means of the body ridding itself of the toxicity of drugs and alcohol and attempts to restore its normal functions. During this process, withdrawal symptoms can range from severe to mild, and may include mood swings, irritability, fatigue or inability to sleep, night sweats, headaches and changes in appetite among others. While most addiction treatment focuses on the identification of potential addiction triggers and the development of more constructive mechanisms to deal with such triggers, subjecting the individual to such intense cognitive behavioral therapies without first addressing the need to remove the addicting drug from the system can prove disastrous. Likewise, a detox program without adequate and appropriate follow-up treatment will also not ensure complete healing and recovery from drug addiction. Whether we are providing a medically managed detox treatment program for serious addictions or a medically assisted detox treatment program for less severe addictions, Sprout Health Florida offers a safe and supervised detoxification process for our patients during this challenging time, as well as different detox options including, drug detox, alcohol detox, and sub-acute detox in order to suit each individual’s unique needs.

Drug Detox

shutterstock_112862074Drug detox should always be performed in a dedicated detox facility. The initial days of detox treatment are the most critical as our interest is to ensure stabilization of our patients. Careful assessments will be made to determine if there are violent tendencies, a possibility of self-injury, symptoms of psychosis, or the emergence of medical problems.

Medically-Assisted Drug Detox

For patients whose addictions to not pose an immediate threat or significant health risks, our medically-assisted detoxification program is recommended. Medications are administered to help our patients cope with their withdrawal symptoms and lessen drug cravings.

Alcohol Detox

Our alcohol detox program varies slightly from that of drug detox simply because there is only one major substance that needs to be removed from the body; ethanol. However, the removal of ethanol from the body is incredibly challenging and should not be underestimated. This is due to the fact that alcohol is primarily processed by the liver and thus, the liver is only able to detoxify limited amounts of alcohol at any given time. Also, if a patient has incurred any liver damage due to their alcohol addiction, this further delays complete detoxification from the body. Any remaining alcohol that is freely circulating in the bloodstream which has not been detoxified by the liver, eventually finds its way into the brain where it can produce pleasurable sensations. This significantly reduced liver function coupled with abnormally high concentrations of alcohol in the blood and in the brain can lead to dramatic physiologic effects.

A comprehensive approach to alcohol detox treatment is necessary for its success. Which is why Sprout Health Florida offers proper nutritional assistance and appropriate medications that ease withdrawal symptoms and aid in the effectiveness of the treatment. Nutritional support is key within our alcohol detox program because alcohol abusers tend to have severe nutritional deficiencies due to the empty calories provided by alcoholic beverage consumption. This leads to impaired digestion and reduced nutrient absorption in the blood which results in the non-utilization of nutrients by the cells of the body which can ultimately lead to malnutrition and liver damage.

Sub-Acute Detox Treatment

Acute detox treatments are those that aim to manage serious and often life-threatening withdrawal symptoms in order to stabilize the patient’s condition before he is transferred to the next phase of the addiction treatment process. If an individual’s substance addiction is not severe or will not result in life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, then a sub-acute detox treatment is recommended.

Experts agree that individuals with addictions need to experience high-quality care but in a setting that does not restrict their personal freedoms. In an acute detox facility, the individual is placed in a very secure environment with highly structured treatments. However, in a sub-acute detox facility, the individual undergoes detoxification while still enjoying some of their personal freedoms.

Individuals undergoing sub-acute detox will receive supportive care, continuous monitoring, and the prompt management of their withdrawal symptoms in order to recover successfully from their addictions. In a sub-acute detox program, there are no aggressive interventions. Nevertheless, healthcare providers in a sub-acute detox program will still provide supportive care through the use of regulators, medications and particularly nutritional care to help the body repair and heal itself during the process of withdrawal.

Psychosocial Support

At Sprout Health Florida, sub-acute detoxification also includes psychosocial support. Our goal is to help the individual find the inner motivation to complete the detoxification process. In cases where the addiction is deemed mild to moderate, psychotherapies can be performed in conjunction with detox treatments where psychotherapists and cognitive behavioral specialists help individuals discover the reasons for their addictions. This helps patients to rebuild their lives in constructive ways with more of psychosocial support mechanisms have been shown to be highly beneficial in helping individuals get through the process of detoxification successfully. Therapists help the individual to manage these triggers once they have completed their addiction treatments and have returned home.

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