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Behavioral Health Treatment

A Deeper Understanding of Behavioral Health

behavioral-healthBehavioral health affects behavior, emotions and cognitive functioning. It is extremely difficult to notice when someone is struggling with their behavioral health because it encompasses the brain rather than the physical body. Those who struggle with a physical ailment are a lot easier to diagnose because symptoms are significantly easier to spot. Luckily, the staff at Sprout Health Florida are trained to diagnose and treat behavioral disorders.

Behavioral health is almost always linked to mental health because they are extremely similar. Both consist of emotional, cognitive and behavioral functions. It is important to understand and recognize when someone does not have control of either. Individual’s behaviors as well as their thinking and reasoning abilities can be greatly altered when their mental health is askew.

Sprout Health Florida understands that behavioral health affects how individuals react to and process information; therefore, it is necessary to understand and change the way their brains process information. It is important to treat behavioral issues with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which teaches patients how to acknowledge their behaviors and find ways to change them. Patients learn to focus on their thoughts, beliefs and attitudes and understand how they affect their behavior.

Behavioral Health Programs Offer Numerous Benefits

The behavioral health program does not just benefit those with mental health issues, but those who suffer from substance abuse, such as alcohol, prescription pills and illicit substances, as well. Addicts tend to exhibit the same symptoms as those with mental illness. They both exhibit faulty logic which leads them to the repeated and continual abuse of substances.

Most medical experts believe that substance abuse has the greatest negative impact on mental health, which in turn negatively impacts their behavioral health. The same experts believe that it is extremely important for those who are experiencing substance abuse and mental health illness to receive treatment as soon as possible from a center that provides programs that are designed to treat both.

Behavioral health programs teach how to control the risk of substance abuse as well as how to increase logical thought and create an understanding of an addiction.

For those with behavioral health issues as a result of trauma or substance abuse, it is extremely important to receive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in order to learn how to change their usual negative responses into positive responses. Patients who struggle with behavioral health issues and substance behavioral abuse have erroneous reasoning and faulty logics that cause them to continually abuse substances. With therapies like CBT, they will be able to learn positive thinking and avoid illogical thinking.behavioral-health-program

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the foundation for all behavioral health programs and works especially well for those who suffer from both addiction and mental health disorders, which is known as dual diagnosis or co-occurring illnesses. These therapies, offered at Sprout Health Florida, properly address all issues that are complicating one another.

Preparing for Treatment

The behavioral health program at Sprout Health Florida begins with a comprehensive assessment, which is given in order to understand each patient’s situation. The assessment helps our staff determine what treatments, medications and therapies are needed in order to ensure the best possible recovery.

Biopsychosocial examinations ascertain a patient’s mental, social and physical health. A psychiatric evaluation is also executed to discern whether or not a patient shows indications of mental illness. And finally, a physical evaluation to notate any lacerations, bruises or wounds that need to be treated.

These assessments are thorough but extremely necessary in forming the basis of an individual’s care plan. Modalities and therapeutic methods as well as the length of care are determined by the evaluations. Most Cognitive Behavioral Therapies are complemented with experiential therapies to increase a patient’s chance at completing a successful treatment. Our therapies are aimed at training the mind, creating peace and giving structure and direction that the individuals can follow well after completing therapy.

Group therapy sessions are also provided to give patients the opportunity to share their experiences in order to teach other patients how to learn new solutions to their problems. Patients will also gain a positive and reliable support network which is extremely beneficial for when they leave treatment. We highly recommend including family in therapy sessions; not only does it give us further insight into our patient’s family life and health history, but it allows us to teach their family the signs and symptoms of behavioral health as well as how to support their loved one through the difficult process of recovery.

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After completing the assessment, Sprout Health Florida offers several different types of therapies to provide treatment for behavioral and mental tendencies of those who struggle with addiction. These therapies address all areas necessary to the path of recovery.