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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Seeking Alcohol Addiction Detoxification

alcohol-addictionUnfortunately, an overwhelming number of individuals who consume excessive amounts of alcohol do not seek a diagnosis or treatment based upon the accepted cultural normalcy of drinking, legal access to alcohol and the social aspects of drinking. On the positive side, one out of three individuals who seek alcohol addiction treatment remain sober for at least one year after treatment and many continue to do so for the rest of their lives.This goes to show that alcohol treatment programs are indeed effective in stopping alcohol abuse.

Here are a few signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse:

  • Frequent blackouts and memory lapses due to excessive alcohol consumption
  • Compulsion to ingest alcohol daily (or several times per day)
  • Frequently drinking alone or in secret
  • Inability to limit alcohol intake
  • Ingesting increasing amounts of alcohol
  • Withdrawal symptoms when one is not drinking
  • Driving or any other violations due to intoxication
  • Interference of relationships, employment and life goals due to frequency of drinking or intoxication

Alcohol Addiction

Much like drug addiction, excessive alcohol use also impedes brain function. Its active ingredient, ethanol, is a well-known mind-altering chemical and its effects on the mind and the body are similar to other psychoactive or addictive substances. The pleasurable feelings derived from alcohol consumption direct the mind to ingest more alcohol. When alcohol is not ingested, individuals suffering from alcohol addiction tend to spiral into states of panic and experience the discomfort of withdrawal. It is this panic-inducing mechanism that triggers the addictive craving for alcohol. As with drug addiction, alcohol abusers eventually fall into a cycle of tolerance and dependence. The body builds up a tolerance to frequent alcohol consumption where it becomes difficult for the individual to feel its pleasurable effects. This leads to the increased consumption of alcohol, a desire for more potent alcohol and the increased frequency of consumption. Dependence occurs when the physiologic and psychological effects of alcohol have to be maintained.

alcohol-detox-nutritional-supportAt Sprout Health Florida, we begin our alcohol rehabilitation program with the detoxification process. Withdrawal from alcohol can bring about intense and uncomfortable symptoms which may include headaches, tremors, high blood pressure, an increased heart rate, and hot flashes or night sweats. Confusion, irritability, insomnia, and nightmares may also occur. Due to the tendency of alcohol addiction patients to suffer from panic attacks during the withdrawal phase, we at Sprout Health Florida provide careful monitoring by highly trained alcohol addiction treatment staff. Medically-assisted detoxification is also available for severe withdrawal symptoms.

Nutritional support is also an important part of our alcohol rehabilitation program. Alcohol is known to suppress the appetite and disrupt the body’s ability to absorb and utilize nutrients. It is not uncommon to see severe multi-nutrient deficiencies in a chronic alcoholic. B-vitamins and minerals must be provided in addition to aggressive hydration to help facilitate the removal of alcohol from the body.

After detox treatment, our knowledgeable staff goes to work with the application of highly individualized cognitive behavioral therapies which focus on both individual counseling and group therapy workshops. It is here where we will help our patients to pinpoint the roots of their alcohol addiction in order to provide clarity and begin building a new foundation. In Sprout Health Florida’s alcohol treatment program, it is imperative that our patients have a full understanding of their own thoughts, behaviors and patterns that have contributed to their alcohol addiction. Group therapy sessions offer support and break often chip away at the isolation that many patients feel as a result of their addiction. Our group sessions foster the development of healthier and more appropriate patterns of behavior in relation to the management of their alcohol addiction.

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