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In-depth Patient Assessments: The Importance of Treating Each Addiction Individually

In order for an addiction to be treated correctly and without a high chance of relapse, the underlying factors and causes of the addiction must be determined and addressed. Sprout Health Florida recognizes the importance of understanding each individual patient’s needs and holds several in-depth assessments in order to successfully treat every unique person looking for help.

Addiction is a complicated disease. Medical health, mental health, type of addiction and severity of addiction are critical to determining the best treatment for each person. By performing the following evaluations, we can provide the proper therapy treatment, detox processes, and the proper everyday life adjustments after treatment.

Medical Evaluation: It’s necessary to know if the patient has had any additional health issues that need to be addressed throughout the treatment process. It is also important to know the patient’s medical history to avoid any treatment practices that may have a negative effect on their health.

Psychiatric Evaluation: Mental illness and addiction often go hand in hand. When people struggle with psychiatric issues, they often resort to self-medication. Our treatment specialists analyze mental health to ensure that any psychiatric issues are being treated properly. This eliminates the chance of the patient relapsing due to unresolved psychiatric issues.

Brain Wellness Evaluation: Substance abuse and addiction are extremely destructive to the human brain. The brain is a sensitive organ and the abuse it goes through during an addiction can leave someone struggling to function normally. We check for physical functionality as well as mental functionality (motor skills, equilibrium, sensations, memory, etc.).

Cognitive Testing: We examine our patients’ personality, thought process, and reactions to stress in order to determine the best approach to treating and to interacting with the individual. We can then give our patients the tools to handle their daily life stressors in a healthy and manageable way.

Toxicology Testing: Testing to discover exactly what substances have been present in the body of our patient allows us to determine the correct detoxification process and medical treatment necessary to correctly combat and predict the effects of the withdrawal.

Pharmacogenetic(Drug-gene) Testing: This type of assessment allows us to understand how the patient’s body reacts to certain substances and medications. This can also help our patients understand why they crave certain substances and what their body goes through when they are craving an addiction. We also use these results to determine the appropriate medications for the detox process.

Although the amount of testing may seem overwhelming or excessive, the attention to detail in the assessment process is what allows Sprout Health Florida to provide successful treatment for each client. Only when the root cause of the addiction is correctly treated, can the addiction itself be correctly treated. Our goal is not to make the process as easy as possible. Our goal is to make it as effective as possible, and that’s why we take our time to understand every individual that walks through our doors.

personal-relationships-therapiesOnce these assessments are completed, we offer several different types of therapies to combat the behavioral and mental tendencies of people who struggle with addiction. These therapies address all areas necessary for a healthy and happy lifestyle. They are meant to retrain the brain of an addict to learn how to respond to stress and stimulants in a progressive manner so that they no longer need to depend on drugs and alcohol when facing what would normally be seen as an overwhelming situation. These therapies also help patients to readjust to everyday life and perform better at work by restrengthening their memory and cognitive abilities. The following is a list of factors that our specialized therapists address and strive to improve.

  • Stress management
  • Meditation
  • Memory
  • Focus
  • Personal Relationships
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Confidence and self-acceptance
  • Wellness Education

We understand that going deep into the minds of our patients can be a very personal process and requires the utmost confidentiality. We encourage an honest and open assessment process in a respectful environment free from judgment. No information is ever shared with anyone other than the patient unless we have clear permission from our patient to do so. We at Sprout Health Florida are sure that our clients will find this process the most beneficial and will find the most success from these extremely customized treatment programs.

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After completing the assessment, Sprout Health Florida offers several different types of therapies to provide treatment for behavioral and mental tendencies of those who struggle with addiction. These therapies address all areas necessary to the path of recovery.