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Treatment Elements and Treatment Plans

When an individual is suffering from an addiction, the first steps they must take are admitting they have an issue, and seeking professional assistance for their problem. If an individual chooses our facilities to receive help the first thing we will do is conduct a comprehensive assessment to help determine what treatment elements to combine to make the most thorough treatment plan. Our complete assessment helps our medical staff identify the needs of the individual, the extent of the substance abuse, and the extent of the damage of the substance abuse. Accurately determining all of these allow us to approach potential problems appropriately to prevent them from becoming more serious issues. Proper medical screening saves lives and allows our facility to begin to improve the quality of life, of the individual.

Offering customized treatment plans allow our treatments to continually be the most effective route to take when fighting an addiction to drugs or alcohol. After our assessment is complete, we implement customized treatment plans of individuals that aim to offer individuals the best long-term results. In giving individuals the best opportunity for advancement and connecting them with the right tools and resources, we believe every individual can live the remainder of their lives without the need for alcohol or drugs.

  • Medical Evaluation – At Sprout Health Florida, our trained professionals conduct a full medical evaluation of each and every individual before attempting to create a treatment plan for the individual. In the assessment all relevant health information about the individual’s medical history is gathered. From this information an individualized treatment plan is created.
  • Psychiatric Evaluation – We utilize psychiatric evaluations because they can reveal hidden information about an individual’s mind that medical evaluations are unable to find. Our highly trained staff members can inspect the individual and determine if there are any issues that will need to be dealt with. Our psychiatric evaluations are useful in helping identify dual diagnosis, or co-occurring illnesses that may exist in conjunction with an addiction. The sole purpose of our tests is to thoroughly inspect the individual that way we can address any issue they are suffering from, in order to give them the best opportunity to avoid relapse.
  • Brain Wellness Evaluation – One of the most important and powerful organs in the body, is the Brain. The brain’s functions control and regulate nearly every critical function, including; memory, motor functions, thoughts, sight, balance, hearing, and feelings. The best way to try and live a healthy life is to make sure that each individual has a healthy functioning brain. The brain may not control physical ailments, but it is the center of the problem when it comes to an individual suffering from mental ailments. Our brain wellness evaluation is designed to allow us to know how to provide effective treatments to return the individual’s brain to a fully functional and healthy condition.
  • Cognitive Testing – This testing focuses on the functionality of the mind. We use this testing to find and correct all maladaptive thought patterns and behaviors. In place of the negative thoughts, we teach individuals how to think positively and look for solutions. In changing the way an individual thinks to a positive, it gives the behaviors of that individual the opportunity to follow a positive example. Individuals are taught to assess their daily stressors and problems faced, and look at them as something that happens to everyone, and instead of dwelling on the negatives of the situation, look for a positive solution. In testing properly evaluating how an individual processes information, we are able to help them adjust their mentality and create a more positive outlook.
  • Toxicology Testing – The struggle with drugs or alcohol can be a very serious one for addicted individuals. Many times, individuals suffer from multiple addictions at once. The purpose of this testing is to find out every substance that the individual may be intentionally or inadvertently using. This allows us to better focus our efforts when dealing with the chemical elements of addiction. In achieving our goal of discovering off of the substances an individual has been using, we are able to deliver the best treatment and make sure the individual is able to manage the withdrawal symptoms for each substance.
  • Pharmacogenetic Testing – this is also known as Drug-gene testing. It studies how the genes of the individual affect their body’s response to medication and substances. Individuals inherit their genes from their parents, as such it is never known exactly which genes they will receive. Genes are generally known to determine height, blood type, eye color, hair color, etc. What genes also help to determine is if an individual will be predisposed to becoming addicted to certain substances, or if a particular medication will be helpful. Genes also determine which drugs or medications will cause an individual to experience negative side-effects.

Our goal is to offer the best treatments that will prove to be the most beneficial in each individual’s situations, in order to provide the individual with the best opportunity of living a life without the need of drugs or alcohol. One of our greatest tools to help these individuals is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT is the basis for most of our therapeutic treatments, and it focuses on the mental abilities of an individual and providing an understanding of the situation the individual is facing. These therapies help the individual become more critical, reasonable, and prepared to encounter situations. These therapies have been tested and proven to be helpful, and to prepare individuals for lifelong success.


The Assessment Process

Before being inspected by physicians, each individual fills out a questionnaire informing our facility of their health history, alcohol use, drug use, behavioral patterns, treatment history, and every other aspect that may play a factor in treatment. Physicians will then inspect the individual to make sure that nothing is overlooked, and that their findings are consistent with the individual’s disclosure. After inspection, all necessary tests will be performed to retrieve the final amount of required data.

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After completing the assessment, Sprout Health Florida offers several different types of therapies to provide treatment for behavioral and mental tendencies of those who struggle with addiction. These therapies address all areas necessary to the path of recovery.