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Residential Rehab Treatment Center

Residential Rehabilitation: Is It Right for You?

The Dangers of Addiction

People suffering from addiction are not themselves. Whether they are under a drug-induced high or are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, they can be a danger to themselves and others. The cravings are so intense that an addict will do almost anything to satisfy them, including putting themselves and others in harms way.

Sobriety is extremely difficult for an addict to achieve and sometimes the only way to achieve sobriety is by removing the addict from the situation and admitting them into a residential rehabilitation center, where they can be constantly surrounded with support and assistance.

Why an Inpatient Rehab Center Could Be Best:

Controlled environment

sprout_fl_residential_rehabResearchers equate the symptoms of withdrawal to those of starvation. The intense cravings make it hard to resist temptation. In a controlled environment, you don’t have access to temptations and the treatment center can get you through the roughest first weeks of cravings.

Medical Staff on site

The effects of substance abuse are varied and can sometimes be unexpected. In the process of bringing yourself back to health, we want to make sure that you are safe and in any instance of uncertainty, we have well-trained medical staff ready to help.

Counselors on site

You never know the moment you will need help the most. When the moment comes that you are in need of help, we have counselors on staff to help talk you through the issues that surface during these difficult times.

Professional detox process

Attempting to detox on your own without professional help can be very dangerous. Our many assessments, evaluations, and tests determine the best detox processes for the safest and smoothest possible transition to sobriety.

Supportive peers

When battling addiction, there is nothing like having support from people that are going through the same struggle. When you are in a residential rehab, you are surrounded by people who are all in the same boat on the journey to sobriety.

Withdrawal management

As mentioned before, withdrawal is a very challenging process and the cravings are strong enough to bring you to you knees. Sprout Health Florida understands the challenge of the withdrawal process and offers an insurmountable amount of support and assistance to help you feel comfortable and safe in a time of challenge and weakness.

Aftercare Adjustment

Tactics and habits learned at the treatment center are carried back to life at home with the proper aftercare program

If you are concerned about the health and safety of yourself or someone you know who is struggling with addiction, residential rehabilitation might be something to consider. Call Sprout Health Florida to find out if residential rehabilitation is right for you.

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After completing the assessment, Sprout Health Florida offers several different types of therapies to provide treatment for behavioral and mental tendencies of those who struggle with addiction. These therapies address all areas necessary to the path of recovery.