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Narcotics Anonymous Rehab

Peer Support Can Help Recovery

shutterstock_363774935Having a social support network is an great aid for any individual who has undergone and completed a dependency and addiction treatment program. By having other individuals to talk to, who have and are currently experienced the same situations, individuals have an outlet in which they can express their concerns and struggles. Even though these meeting are a great support supplement, they should not be substituted for a comprehensive and individualized treatment program.

The Narcotics Anonymous program was established in 1953 and is based around the treatments offered in a 12-step program. The purpose of these groups is to aid an individual that is recovering from an alcohol or drug addiction to take back control of their life, and live the remainder of it positively. The first basic requirement of these types of programs is to concede that one is truly powerless to their addictions. That’s not to say that addiction is hopeless, and nothing can be done. Rather, it means that the road to recovery is long and requires a massive amount of effort and support.

The 12-step program revolves around encouraging members to share their experiences. The process is directed at helping individuals develop the courage and motivation to get clean and remain sober for as long as they possibly can. The focus of these support groups is not to provide counseling nor any form of treatment, but to promote a positive environment and a bond among many individuals who are working towards a new future, after experiencing some of the same issues.

As an individual works their way goes through the 12-step process, they are supposed to naturally develops skills to become a better person and characteristics of a good leader. After individuals have completed the 12-step process they can become a sponsor or mentor to newer members of the group. In doing so the individual becomes the facilitator and a guide for these new members who are beginning the journey to recovery. Another focal point of the 12-step program is to become a better person than the individual previously was.

Narcotics Anonymous meetings are based on good beliefs, but they are heavily intertwined with the 12-step process. Though the 12-step process does work for many individuals, it has proven to be unreliable as a treatment for everyone. For this reason narcotics anonymous meetings falls short, but they are always a great supplement to proper treatment.

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