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Is Addiction A Brain Disease

The Brain Disease Known As Addiction

Many are surprised to hear that addiction is a chronic brain disease that mutates the addicts thinking patterns and hinders their ability to quit.

Old Assumptions Common Misconceptions

Society inaccurately condemns and accuses addicts that are plagued with a disease difficult to control. People who don’t understand what an addict is going through may be quick to judge and label them with the following false accusations.

  • Poor character and judgment
  • Lack of self-discipline
  • Selfish behavior
  • Irresponsible attitude
  • Immoral personality

The stigmas wrongly associated with addiction lead addicts to feel intense shame and guilt for their disease and can make the problem even worse.

Scientific Discoveries

Addiction is the result of a brain disease that overwhelms the individual and negatively affects their emotions and ability to reason. Some people can smoke a few cigarettes, have a drink here and there or even experiment with drugs recreationally and never get addicted. Others can’t. It is not a matter of personality or character and has nothing to do with whether or not someone is a decent person. It’s a brain disease that results in addictive tendencies.

It affects the part of the brain that deals with primary emotions. It is not a conscious choice but rather a defect in brain function that causes the exhaustive symptoms of addiction. When someone becomes addicted to a substance or behavior, that addiction becomes instinctively more important than their health.

Evidence-Based Solutions

shutterstock_281454461Knowing the cause, we can now, more confidently treat addiction with solutions that address the actual problem. Addiction, like any other disease, can be corrected with proper treatment.

Stress management training and activities, a careful detox process, therapy and an overall well-balanced treatment program must be implemented together to maintain a successful recovery.

At Sprout Health Florida, we understand the ins and outs of addiction and recognize the patient as a whole. We have holistic methods of care that treat people’s addictions as well as give them healthy and constructive tools to combat the stress in their daily life. If you think it might be time for a change in your life, call Sprout Health Florida today.

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