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Individuals should find joy in knowing that after they have completed our treatment program, they have the opportunity to live a full and drug-free life.

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IOP Rehab Centers

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

shutterstock_79589257This treatment program requires complete commitment from the individual. It allows the patient to live their normal daily lives while combating their addiction with the help and support of the treatment center. It is geared to the individual that deals with drug or alcohol dependence but still has control over their life. The earlier the addiction is treated, the better this program will work. Addictions that have become very advanced might need to enter some of the more intensive programs that Sprout Health Florida has to offer.

We offer the necessary resources to lead these patients to a clean and sober life. Here is a list of some of those resources:

  1. Thorough evaluation and Treatment Plan
    • A physical and mental evaluation is performed for every individual patient.
  2. Therapy
    • The most important element of rehabilitation is resolving the underlying cause of substance abuse. Our therapy sessions are unique to each patient and based on a careful assessment of their needs and issues.
  3. Family Counseling Sessions
    • For rehabilitation to be successful, the patient must be able to return to a constructive home environment. Having the patient’s family on board with the program ensures a much safer and more productive living situation that will result in a higher chance of success.
  4. Detox Programs
    • The detox process needs to be taken seriously and treated carefully. After many thorough assessments and tests, our experienced physicians will be able to create a detox program that will make your sobriety process as smooth as possible.
  5. Custom scheduled treatment sessions (2-6 hours)
    • These treatment sessions are meant to check your progress as well as offer treatment and effective techniques for dealing with the symptoms of withdrawal and the difficulties that come with the detox process.
  6. Everyday Life Management Training
    • Any rehab center can provide room and board for their patients, but what is most important is that they provide a way for patients to cope with and manage their everyday life back at home. Since their home is where the addiction took place, we offer training that allows patients to manage their stress in a healthy way.

Being Placed in an Outpatient Treatment Program

At Sprout Health Florida we genuinely care about the success of the individual and assign them to their program accordingly. We want to make sure that during and after treatment, our patients are in a safe and constructive environment.
Each patient will undergo a series of physical, mental, and medical tests to determine the readiness of the patient and decide which treatment option they are best suited for. With safety and recovery being our top concerns, we will only recommend treatment options based on the patient’s needs.

Every treatment program whether Inpatient, PHP, or Outpatient, treats each patient as a whole and fosters the patient’s biological, physical, and psychological self so that all aspects of the addiction are addressed. We believe that the entire character and makeup of every patient can be affected by addiction and that the only way to conquer addiction for good is to address every component of the addicts life.

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After completing the assessment, Sprout Health Florida offers several different types of therapies to provide treatment for behavioral and mental tendencies of those who struggle with addiction. These therapies address all areas necessary to the path of recovery.