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Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Marijuana and Addiction – What You Were Never Told

sprout_fl_marijuanaMarijuana is often praised for being a non-habit forming, recreational drug. It has relaxing and calming effects and also relieves pain. It can be inhaled or ingested and comes in many different forms. Like many other mind altering drugs, using marijuana to treat anxiety, stress or depression can cause a mental dependence.


Also referred to as Mary Jane, grass, pot, 420, and reefer, marijuana is one of the most commonly used drugs in America. As of today half of the United States has legalized marijuana for medical use and a few have legalized it for recreational use as well.

Its use continually becomes more widely accepted among different demographic groups, and the dangers of addiction are not as commonly known.

Effects of Marijuana addiction

When an individual becomes unable to enjoy life without the use of marijuana, it is time for an intervention. Immediate results of marijuana are varied. It either leaves you calm and peaceful or paranoid and almost schizophrenic while heightening some senses and impairing others. Reaction time is affected and driving or participating in any demanding physical activities becomes dangerous.

The effects of this drug may seem harmless, but overuse of the drug can also have lasting adverse consequences. These effects can result in a lack of motivation, impairment of the brain’s reward receptor, and loss of interest in life.


Often it is not only the marijuana itself that is the problem. There is usually an unresolved issue contributing to the addiction that needs to be addressed. We treat marijuana addiction with a thorough detox process and personalized therapy sessions. Depression can be a common byproduct of the marijuana detox process, and Cognitive restructuring is used to combat this. With the proper resources, we train people to be able to live productive and healthy lifestyles without the need for marijuana.

Contrary to popular belief, marijuana addiction exists and is possible. We understand the complexities of marijuana dependency, and we have the tools to help. If you have trouble with an addiction to marijuana, call Sprout Health Florida now.

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