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Flakka Addiction Treatment

Addiction to Flakka and How to Quit

sprout_fl_flakka_treatmentFlakka is one of the newest and dirtiest drugs on the scene, particularly in Florida. It is dangerous to the people that use it as well as the people around them. Aggressive behavior is one of the many varied results possible with the use of this drug. It is similar to the drug referred to as bath salts and is just as deadly. With Flakka being so new to the market, you never know what exactly you’re getting when you buy. They are synthetically produced and can contain any variety of chemicals.

Why Flakka?

With the dangers and inconsistent results, why would people choose this drug? People resort to using Flakka, often because it can provide the high they depend on from another addiction, but at a lower price than any other drug.

It is known that Flakka is responsible for dangerous behavior as well as complications with blood pressure, circulation, and heart rate, as well as withdrawal symptoms similar to that of anxiety and depression. It is assumed that the long term effects are similar to that of other harmful drugs such as amphetamines, but since it is so new, the long-term consequences have yet to be investigated and studied.


Flakka addiction is treated similar to many other harmful narcotics treatment, but with closer care and supervision due to the uncertainty of the effects of the drug. Patients will undergo a series of tests and assessments and will then be placed in a detox program that is specialized for their needs. Detox is only good enough to rid the body of its physical dependence, but further mental help is required to overcome an addiction. The individual will also be treated for any co-occurring disorders and will be given a custom therapy and wellness plan to get them on track to living a healthy, addiction-free life.

If you need help with a Flakka addiction, Sprout Health Florida is experienced and ready to assist. Call us today.

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