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Club Drug Addiction Treatment

Club Drugs Addiction: How to Get Your Life Back

sprout_fl_clug_drug_addictionPopular among raves, parties, and clubs, club drugs are used to enhance the experience of partying, dancing, listening to music, and clubbing. Due to the young age group at clubs, raves, and concerts, these drugs tend to be more prominently used by the younger generation. Aside from its psychoactive qualities, these drugs are also known to be used for date rape. Some drugs considered “club drugs” are ecstasy, GHG, Ketamine, and LSD.

What Happens While On Club Drugs

These drugs create an out-of-body experience and create a sense of awe that wows the user and enhances any show or dance they partake in or watch. The immediate effects relieve stress and increase entertainment, but the after effects are destructive. When under the influence of club drugs, you tend not to know what’s going on around you and what you remember during this period becomes very morphed. This situation leaves you extremely vulnerable. There are plenty of people out there who recognize and target people who are under the effects of these drugs and can often get away with sexual assault, physical abuse, and robbery.

The After Effects

Other than vulnerability and abuse, club drugs have serious, adverse side effects. The grave risks of overdose and the likeliness of addiction are reason alone to stay away from these drugs, but there are also negative consequences that come right after taking these drugs. They can result in low blood pressure, unconsciousness, stroke, coma, depression, brain damage, as well as the traumatic effects arising from abuse while on these drugs.


Treatment for club drugs is dependent on the types of drugs used, the quantity, and the mental and physical health of the patient. Each is screened and evaluated to identify their unique problems and needs. At Sprout Health Florida we take into consideration the entire addiction including the cause of addiction, the effects it has on the person, and any co-occurring disorders. We strive for a lasting recovery and know that for recovery to last, the individual needs to resolve the underlying issues as well as the physical dependence.

Sprout Health Florida uses a solid mix of therapy, education, and detox processes custom to each patient. Our experienced health professionals can help you get your life back. Call us today!

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