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Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

How Sprout Health Florida is Fighting Drug Addiction

america-drug-addictionAlmost twenty million Americans suffer from a crippling drug addiction, one that devastates an individual’s way of life, and the relationships they keep. Because of the soaring addiction rate, many facilities have opened but proven to be unsuccessful due to a lack of experience. That is one thing that sets us, Sprout Health Florida, apart from the rest. Our facility was opened with good intentions, and has successfully operated for many years, providing individuals with the treatment they need. Along with being a great treatment facility, our facility is licensed and certified as is each and every one of our caring staff members. Through our experience and studies of scientific research, we offer individuals custom-tailored treatment plans using methods that have proven to be successful at alleviating addiction. To begin the process of recovery though, individuals must endure the uncomfortable process of detox. Luckily, our facilities are prepared to handle this, while making individuals as comfortable as possible. Depending on the severity of the situation, our detoxification methods and treatment process will vary.

In the most severe cases of detox medication may administered to help alleviate some of the symptoms, or partial hospitalization will be recommended. If and when medicines are administered in a manner that will not disrupt an individual from moving along in the detoxification process. Along with the detoxing, individuals begin to learn ways to live a healthier lifestyle. To address many mental aspects that drug addiction affects, we utilize a variation of effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT). The goal of these types of treatment is to allow the individual to understand their emotions, behaviors, underlying causes of addiction. Along with that, patients learn how their drug addiction has affected their physical health, and what triggers cravings for their addiction. Along with education the individual on the effects of their drug use on themselves, we also emphasize the effects the addiction has on family dynamics. Within our program, we take the time to educate the family along with the individual afflicted with an addiction. Having the individual’s family education on drug abuse will give the family the opportunity to provide love and support for the recovering addict. Sprout Health Florida also utilizes various experiential therapies as supplements to achieve the best and most long-term results.

We take pride in devoting our time to educate the general public on the differences between drug abuse and drug addiction. Understanding these difference helps individuals establish if a loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol and figure out ways to help individual decline their use to help stop it from turning into a life halting addiction.

Education is one of the best weapon to stop addiction, because stopping an addiction before it starts, is much more successful than treating an addiction after it has occurred. Thus, education is the foundation for therapies such as CBT, meditation, mindfulness, and experiential therapies. Education is used to create understanding within the individual, about their condition, their addiction, and how the addiction has affected them and their relationships. Substance abuse causes many issues in an individual’s brain, prohibiting it from functioning properly, and stoppingeducation-stop-addiction the individual from behaving properly. Often times addiction is the product of an individual’s frequent use of drugs, which causes the individual’s brain to rewire in order to account for the constant intake of the foreign chemicals.
With drug addiction, the brain is the main priority of treatment, because it is so severely affected, and its successful repair weighs heavily on an individual’s success treatment rate. Because everything begins with the brain, we offer an intensive Brain Wellness Program that focuses on re-teaching individuals how to use and train their brains. We also combine both Neuroethology and meditation to help strengthen the individual’s mind and help promote a healthy lifestyle.

To combat relapse, individuals learn what triggers them to reach for addictive substances. Through multiple cognitive therapies we are able to help the individual to guide their thoughts away from these substances, and to something more productive. Through intensive therapy the individual will learn to understand their own thoughts and act on them in a positive way. Along with intensive therapy we also offer a Solution Focused Therapy, which focuses on teaching positive coping techniques that will prove to be beneficial for the individual in the future. These coping techniques often focus on ways to manage stress and stressful situations in order to reduce the chances of relapse.

Our Commitment

We make a commitment to do our best to help every individual from the moment they reach out to us. From making preparations for an individual’s intake to making departure preparations after the completion of our program, every individual will receive help from our caring and dedicated staff members. Individuals and their families will be informed every step of the way as well. Even if an individual is wondering if we are the right treatment facility for them to attend, we will be happy to inform them of the different treatment programs, detoxification methods, therapies, and amenities our facilities provide, as well as, how we would plan on helping the individual recover. If selected as the individual’s choice treatment, we will begin the preparations for assessment and residence.

To begin our treatment program we assess the individual’s health, the effects of the abused substance on their body, and the needs the individual will face during the detoxification process. The detoxification process consists of safely removing the abused substance from the individual’s body, and allowing the body to adjust to not having the chemical anymore. While experiencing the detoxification process, the individual is educated on enduring the effects of withdrawal, and the importance of seeing the process through completely.

Detoxification will continue as the individual moves through our treatment program, allowing the individual to learn skills and prepare themselves for the outside world. After the treatment process, individuals are given the opportunity to experience a new life, with the option of participating in aftercare programs as a support network, to help them achieve success.

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After completing the assessment, Sprout Health Florida offers several different types of therapies to provide treatment for behavioral and mental tendencies of those who struggle with addiction. These therapies address all areas necessary to the path of recovery.