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sprout-health-florida-resourcesSubstance abuse and addiction are one of the things of life that has the power to affect many individuals, far beyond the reach of just the user. It ruins the life of addictions, by destroying finances, relationships, mental stability, and everything attached to the addicted individual. Addiction also negatively affects jobs, social engagements, health, and mental functionality. The abuse of substances creates mental imbalances that cause unstable emotions, feelings of depression, a diminished self-worth, and despair. When the world seems the darkest, individuals should always try to remember there is always help out there. Sprout Health Florida offers the proper help and guidance that is needed to treat symptoms of and side effects of addiction. Along with helping the individual, we also work with family members to create individualized treatment programs that cater to treating the specific needs of the individual. We educate loved ones in ways of supporting the afflicted individual through the entire treatment process, and how to continue to support the individual as they continue to live a life outside of our facility. With the right combination of efforts between our facility and the individual’s family, we can help treat a drug addiction as well as attempt to heal any damages done to the individual’s family relationships.

Abusing Substances

Substance abuse includes consistently introducing harmful chemicals into an individual’s body, including: drugs, alcohol, prescription medication, bath salts, and many other substances. Although prescription medications seem to be harmless, and are frequently issued by doctors to treat conditions like chronic pain or mental health issues, they can become addictive, and cause individuals who use them to form an addiction and dependence to them. There are also many others who seek out these types of medications for their effects rather than their treatment properties. Repeated use or abuse of substances can lead to life altering addiction and dependency that frequently leads individuals to overdose, and finally death.

For many individuals, admitting that they are suffering from an addiction is one step they dread having to take, but it is absolutely necessary if the individual wants any chance of returning to living a life without addiction. When they are ready to admit there is an issue, we at Sprout Health Florida are always ready to help, standing with arms wide open.

The Rehabilitation Process

rehabilitation-processOur rehabilitation and recovery program are not a carbon copy of every other program, we aim to be different and offer the most individualized treatments. Because implementing the therapies is so important, it requires a team of trained drug rehabilitation clinicians, nurses, psychotherapists, therapists, and doctors. Individuals who understand how to properly help individuals manage; their urges to return to drug use, frequently fluctuating emotions, and the results of their addictive behaviors. At Sprout Health Florida, we provide services for detoxification, drug treatment and rehabilitation, and exceptional aftercare to help follow-up and support an individual after the completion of our program.

Addiction is not something that forms overnight, it is something that requires repeated introduction of the drugs into an individual’s body. It is a process that requires work, the individual must first obtain the substance, and then use the substance until their body becomes dependant. As with the addiction, rehabilitation is not a process that happens overnight. Treatment too is a process where individuals must dedicate time and effort to change the condition of their body and life. Here at Sprout Health Florida, we know that that the recovery process is much more of a struggle than the addiction process. It requires patience and mental fortitude to overcome an addiction. Thus, we do all that we can to help instill these virtues in an individual, and help them overcome the addiction that has taken control of their life.

We are licensed and certified to treat drug addiction and mental health illnesses that are causing an individual distress, and are skilled and uncovering situations where both mental illness and drug addiction exist. Through thorough assessment, we unearth hidden issues, and administer the proper treatment necessary to provide individuals with the opportunity to achieve long-term sobriety. Knowing that this process is a very difficult one, we advise individuals to allow their families to participate in the rehabilitation process.

Having the love and support of family members can make the difference between completing the rehabilitation process and living a sober life, and quitting the program early and returning to uncontrollable drug use. At first it may seem like a burden, but having family as well as our staff to rely on as a support group, will drastically increase an individual’s chance at a successful recovery, and will allow the individual to have multiple people to help them to be accountable for their actions.

Addressing Mental Health Issues

mental-health-issuesFor many drug addicts there are hidden mental health issues that have created or furthered their drug addiction. Our trained staff is fully competent to diagnose any mental disorders that an individual may also be suffering from. We are also skilled at treating both a mental illness and substance abuse, but when both occur at the same it, it requires a bit more finesse. However, no matter how complicated the situation, we exercise the capability to properly create treatments that are able to address all issues that an individual is facing.

After Treatment Care

At Sprout Health Florida, we recommend and provide multiple aftercare and follow-up programs for individuals once they have completed treatment at our facility. The road to recovery is a long rocky one, and it is nice to know that we are always by your side. You must work daily to maintain sobriety and constantly practice all of the tools learned throughout our treatment program, as well as the skills learned in aftercare groups.

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