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More About Our Greenacres Location

Florida is the land of sunshine and warmth. It’s known for its white sandy beaches, warm weather, Disney World, and bustling big cities. It is also unfortunately known for its drug and alcohol abuse. Whether it’s the drinks served on the beach, club drugs of Miami and Orlando, prescription drug abuse, or the common street drugs of heroin and meth, addiction runs rampant throughout the state of Florida.

Since Florida cracked down on painkiller prescriptions in 2012, the state has seen a dramatic decrease in oxycodone use and opioid overdoses. That doesn’t mean that addiction has left Florida by any means. Alcohol and drug abuse serve as an unhealthy solution to depression, anxiety, and many other mental disorders. A government survey shows that around 53 thousand patients were admitted for substance use treatment in 2013 in Florida and that 80% of the people received treatment for drug abuse.

Drug and alcohol addiction affects people from all walks of life and in every state; Florida is no exception. At Sprout Health Florida, we continue to fight the battle of addiction by providing the most effective treatment programs that exist.

Our Treatment Process

admission-processSprout Health Florida understands that each patient is unique and that their treatment must be just as unique. We start the process with an in-depth assessment that evaluates the mental and physical state of the patient and then perform tests to determine the level of substance dependency.

Our staff is not only friendly but also very knowledgeable and experienced. They create treatment programs based on the results of the evaluations and the specific needs of the individual. Depending on the substances used, a detox program and schedule will be made to bring the body away from its physical dependence gradually, while also keeping the person as comfortable as possible.

The most important part of our treatment is our therapy process. Many treatment centers put their patients through a generic detox process and then send them home. These patients may have overcome their physical addiction in the short term but almost always come back after relapsing. The purpose of our treatment is to give our patients the tools to live a continuously addiction-free and happy life. Therapy treats the issues behind the addiction such as trauma, depression, anxiety, or any other mental problems. Depending on the person admitted, there are many therapies and wellness techniques available.

Here are some of the therapies and wellness techniques available at Sprout Health Florida:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy
  • Brief Strategic Family Therapy
  • EMDR Therapy
  • Psychoeducational Groups
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Outdoor Therapy
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Neurofeedback
  • Group Therapy

We also offer aftercare support options that help patients stay on track and feel supported throughout the rest of their journey after treatment. We focus on comfortable and successful treatment with the lowest relapse rates possible, and we believe that by addressing the root of the addiction, people can learn to overcome the underlying issues and find purpose and meaning in everyday life without the use of drugs or alcohol.

If you want a lasting recovery, call Sprout Health Florida today.

Common Attractions

The Greenacres location is just a short ride away from the beautiful waterfront City of West Palm Beach, one of the three largest cities in the South Florida region. This vibrant city hosts a breathtaking stretch of beach that compliments the tranquil living and working environments of Florida.

Palm Beach Zoo

The Palm beach Zoo “exist to inspire people to act on behalf of wildlife and the natural world.“ The zoo is a pleasant location that houses hundreds of different animals and creatures, storytimes, safari nights, cafes. This zoo is a great marque for Palm Beach, and is a great location to spend time and learn about animals.

Flagler Museum

The Flagler Museum was a 75 room mansion that, after the death of Henry Flagler, was turned into a 55 room exhibit. It is estimated to take nearly two hours to be able to view the entire exhibit. A majority of the content was derived from, or depicts the Gilded Age. Other attractions include a room with live piano and organ demonstrations. The museum is a national landmark, and for good reason, it has been long standing, and continues to display beautiful work.

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary art is a modern art facility that showcases contemporary design, architecture, and art from around the world. This museum promotes innovation, creativity, and the vitality of the visual arts, all while educating and involving the community.

Norton Museum of Art

Founded in 1941, the Norton Museum of Art is now the largest museum in Florida. This museum contains a large collection of over 7000 pieces of art mainly created by Chinese, American, and European artists. Some of the notable works hosted in this museum are were created by Matisse, Monet, Picasso, Hopper, O’Keeffe, and Pollock.

South Florida Science Center and Aquarium

The South Florida Science Center and Aquarium was founded in 1959, and was originally named South Florida Science Museum. The name was changed in the 1980’s to better reflect the broad subject matter hold in the facility. As part of the exhibits there is an aquarium and a planetarium. Accompanying the large collection of fish in the aquarium, there is also an everglade exhibit showcasing the indigenous grasses and animals to the Florida Everglades.

McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

On of the most unique parks in the nation, McCormick-Stillman hosts a wide range of locomotive attractions. Many of the attractions consists of toys, models, and figurines, but the park does also house a large rideable train.

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