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Patient Reviews

Acting on the decision to seek treatment for a substance addiction can be an overwhelming, frustrating, and difficult step to take. It can be very difficult to follow through because it is hard to know what to expect. There are many places to obtain excellent information about the treatment programs a facility offers, but there is little an individual can gain from these sources about how to ready themselves for the experience of rehab treatment. When choosing a facility individuals are often dealing with many emotions and dilemmas about their decision to attend a treatment center’s services.

At Sprout Health Florida, we understand these challenges that come along with making a decision of this magnitude. This is why everyone of our staff members exercises patients and places emphasis on educating individuals every step of our process, starting at intake and continuing until their final discharge. We keep detailed information about our facility, licensed professionals, and evidence-based treatment, in order to allow us to inform individuals with the most accurate information. However, we understand there will always be some hesitation when attempting to enter our program.

Alumni Reviews are a Great Help

One of the best ways to help an individual be the most informed and make the right decision about what facility to join, we encourage the individual to read Alumni reviews.
These reviews are from individuals who began at the same point and experienced the same hesitations, and have since attended or completed our treatment program, and were motivated enough to share their experience with the world. They experienced the entire process, through the assessments and evaluations, staying in the facility, and dealing with an extreme range of emotions.

Often times the reviews are written by individuals that have completed the process and benefited tremendously from our care, treatment, and continued support. For an individual looking for a facility to attend, these personal testimonies can make all the difference when choosing a facility. These individual are free to give their actual opinions and experiences, making it easier for others to decide what facility is the best for recovery.

We Take Pride in Our Services

We pride ourself on the fact that we only administer treatments that are proven to work. Constantly monitoring the feedback received from clients allows us to continue to refine our programs and continue to offer individuals with the best services and experience possible. With each new graduate from our program, we gain more experience and knowledge that we look forward to sharing with our newer members.

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After completing the assessment, Sprout Health Florida offers several different types of therapies to provide treatment for behavioral and mental tendencies of those who struggle with addiction. These therapies address all areas necessary to the path of recovery.