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Court Services

Proof of Addiction Treatment Can Affect Court Services

Unfortunately, the decisions to seek treatment for substance abuse and addiction is frequently made for an individual through a legal component. Luckily, there are laws that help to waive or lessen legal consequences for individuals who admit themselves into and complete an addiction treatment program. On the other hand, there are individuals will use their substance addiction or mental state as a defense strategy for charges brought against them. Such conditions may reduce the severity of the punishment faced by these individuals if they are convicted.

Even though there is legal support is available, it may still be difficult for individuals to admit and seek help for a substance addiction. At Sprout Health Florida, we are well aware of the reservations that individuals face when attempting to make the choice to seek treatment. As such, we attempt to provide individuals with knowledge and support needed to navigate through the complexity of their situation.

Legal Benefits Addiction Treatment

While awaiting sentencing for misdemeanor or felony charges, individuals who may be diagnosed with a substance addiction or mental disorder may find great legal benefit to seeking treatment for their condition. Often times many of these individuals are sentenced to spend time in a rehabilitation clinic as part of their punishment, but if an individual seeks preemptive help, this portion of their sentence may be removed, and they may be credited for taking initiative. These options are more prevalent where an individual commits a crime and has an addiction and a co-occurring mental disorder.

Many time individuals are deterred from participating in any risky behavior after their encounter with the court system. Participating in these behaviors can result in legal ramifications, ones that individual realize they certainly do not want to experience. Those who ignore the court’s warning and continue participating in these poor behaviors often find themselves in an endless cycle of drug abuse, crime, and court sentencing.

For individuals considering attending a rehabilitation program, it is always good to consult with their attorney. Even though they want to take the proper steps to fixing their life, under the circumstance, it may harm their legal situation if they choose to do it at a wrong time. Generally, seeking addiction treatment is looked at as a serious commitment where the individual begins to take accountability for their actions. On the other hand, it may seem like a last ditch effort to dodge the court system, and continue participating in risky and maladaptive behaviors.

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