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Admissions For Families

Family Participation Addiction Recovery

Families play a huge role in helping an addicted individual seek proper treatment, successfully complete a rehab program, and live a sober life beyond rehab. The afflicted individual is most likely dealing with a large variety of issues, in which they often need help. Being a supportive family member, and offering the individual help will get your loved one back on track to leading a successful life. Often times families are upset because there is a disconnection between them and the individual, and they lack an understanding of what is happening to the addicted person. Our services help families bridge the gap in understanding and help families understand why it is so difficult to quit the addiction. We also teach them the proper ways to communicate and deal with each other in this delicate situation.

What Should Families Expect

You should expect our full dedication. Be it for yourself, a family member, or a friend, you should feel comfort in knowing our staff gives their complete effort in trying to help individuals who struggle with addiction or mental illnesses. Our treatments have been proven to be trustable, and have been used to help many individuals overcome their addictions and continue to live sober, long beyond the completion of our program.

Family members

Family members are one of the most important factors in the detox process. The goal is to ultimately have the family members accept responsibility for any damage they may have caused, understand how they affected action, and understand how to assist the addicted family member going forward. Depending on the degree each family member affects the addiction, they may have to change their behavior and personality accordingly. Depending on the severity of the addicted the individual is facing, family members and the therapist will set progressive goals, and frequently discuss how long they believe therapy sessions will last. Due to the amount of time and effort it requires to attend these sessions, it is understandable that some family members may not participate, but it is recommended that those who can attend, do.

What Should I Bring?

To protect the integrity of our detox program, and to help from stifling the progress of other participants, we advise individuals not to bring anything that could distract from their treatment. Frequently distracting items include cellphones, tablets, laptop, or other objects of that nature. We do advise individuals to bring personal identifications and all necessary documentation and paperwork, including driver’s license, insurance information, and social security card. Individuals should also bring jackets, pants, sweatshirts, and other articles of clothing to help them remain comfortable. Individuals are also allowed to bring a curling iron, hair drier, or other toiletries and necessities. Undergarments and socks will be provided, along with a bathrobe and a pair of slippers.

Family Program

shutterstock_283667633It is very important that family members remain informed about the process and the progress of their loved one. The support received from family has been known to help speed up and individual’s recovery, and influence the amount of discomfort the individual can endure. Along with aiding in the recovery and toughening the individual’s resolve, the support of family members is stopping the individual from reverting to their old ways or relapsing. Providing support to an addicted individual also helps the individual to rebuild trust, and look forward to mending the broken ties with family.

Sign-up For Family Programs

When families sign up for and participate in our treatment program, they are helping their loved one to make it through the detox program, and they are helping themselves to deal with unresolved emotions and misunderstandings. Because it can be a complicated process, family members are invited into the program after and understanding is reached and permission is obtained from the addicted individual. Once accepted, family members will gain skills and insights to understand and aid the afflicted individual. We value and practice this process so that patients receive the most comprehensive treatment solutions possible, and so the family can regain the loved one they once lost. Our goal is to help the individual recover, and to educate the family to help the individual continuing on.

Intervention Services Explained

The approach to getting an individual to get help is extraordinarily hard, but it must be done. Once an individual begins to abuse drugs or alcohol, their perception and mental functions begin to change. So the seemingly easy decision to stop using the substance, gets skewed and distorted. Often times the individual’s view of their addiction become distorted, leaving them with the belief that they are completely under control and they do not have an issue. Coupling this lack of cognitive abilities, with their irrational behavior, and the stigmas of addiction and rehab, many things can go wrong if the subject is approached inappropriately. Our rehab offers an intervention service that delicately but firmly explains the problems of addiction, and persuades an individual to accept help.

Co-Dependency Treatment Program

Individuals struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol are often plagued with a wide range of issues. Because of these issues, many, if not all, family members and friends will reach their breaking point in dealing with the individual. This loss of tolerance can ruin a relationship, far beyond repair. On the opposite side of the spectrum, these issues can also create a toxic and co-dependant relationship. Typically these relationships can form a cycle of negative behavior where a family member or friend cannot separate themselves from an addicted individual, causing both to continually suffer.

At Sprout Health Florida, our programs can provide clarity and support for co-dependent relationships. In order to help both individuals we teach them to care for themselves and spend time and energy on creating positivity and improving their lives.

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