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Individuals should find joy in knowing that after they have completed our treatment program, they have the opportunity to live a full and drug-free life.

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sprout_floridaWe are an inpatient/outpatient treatment facility that specializes in the care of individuals afflicted by substance addiction and/or disorders. Our facility is a mixed-gender facility that helps adults by employing a wide variety of therapy modalities. Before assigning any treatment methods or starting any rehabilitation plans, we first help our clients through detox, while we assess their needs. Our assessments begin with self-assessment questionnaires, these help us gauge what patients believe is wrong with them, and to help us understand their perspectives. We then venture on to deeper and more in-depth assessments which may go as far is conducting laboratory and psychiatric tests. These assessments immediately help the detoxification process by giving us an understanding of what drugs can be administered, if they are needed, and the what state the individual is in. Throughout the detoxification process our goal is to safely remove the abused chemical from the abuser’s body, and to clear their state of mind. Removing the chemicals allows their body to begin healing, and gives their mind the ability to start making clear decisions. Clearing the mind allows the individual to maintain their composure, think situations through before acting, and understand the consequences of their behavior.

The assessments also allow us to truly understand all of the substances abused, and the extent of the abuse. Our facilities are capable of handling the detox of alcohol, club drugs, methamphetamines, painkillers, marijuana, cocaine, a variety of prescription drugs, heroin, opiates, marijuana and much more. We carry medications that help counteract the effects of the drugs on the body, and make the discomfort of withdrawals more tolerable. Along with treating those who suffer from drug addiction, we are also equipped to help those with mental or behavioral disorders. Fortunately, all disorders are discovered in our initial assessment, allowing us to begin treatment on them as soon as detox begins. Some of the mental disorders we specialize in treating are: Depression, Bipolar disorder, Panic disorder, anxiety disorder, and PTSD. Since these coexisting conditions are all discoverable early in the assessment we are able to diagnose them with dual-diagnose, and concurrently treat all existing disorder along with drug abuse. To treat these disorders, we utilize a collection of therapeutic and experimental treatments. Our therapeutic modalities include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), Psychoeducational groups, and Mindfulness.

These therapeutic treatment methods help recondition behavior, understand past behaviors, and acknowledge and take responsibility for future actions.

Coupled with our therapeutic modalities, we also employ a variety of experiential treatments that help to surface underlying conditions. Some of these treatments include: Equine therapy, Family Therapy, Outdoor therapy, Yoga Meditation, Neurofeedback, and Group therapy. Therapies like these focus the participants attention on something outside of themselves but still reflect on and resolve subconscious issues. Equine therapy, for example, teaches participants how to take care of horses. Participants learn to brush the horses, wash them, feed them and other general daily behaviors. After learning to focus their energy and effort on raising these horses, they learn to transition their abilities to take proper care of themselves. It helps them increase self-awareness and hygienic upkeep.

Other experiential treatments such as Brief Strategic Family Therapy help to build a bridge to reconnect with family, teaching both the individual and the family how to talk to and deal with each other. This therapy also focuses on releasing grudges and learning to attribute the correct response to current actions, and not tying them to the past. With a combination of our efforts and treatments we aim to equip our participants with the necessary tools, before introducing them back into society.

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After completing the assessment, Sprout Health Florida offers several different types of therapies to provide treatment for behavioral and mental tendencies of those who struggle with addiction. These therapies address all areas necessary to the path of recovery.