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5 Ways to Not Be Depressed

October 25, 2016 - - 0 Comments

DepressedAnxiety affects nearly 40 million Americans across the nation. Effects of this clinical disorder can result in many people becoming depressed and start taking the dark path down toward depression.  Sprout Health Florida recognizes that people coming in for depression treatment often have anxiety or depression.

People have disorders that can be treated and these disorders result from; major depression. Depression affects many people at any hour, for days at a time, for example Persistent Depressive Disorder, which lasts for over two years; a good treatment for this can be psychotherapy. Bipolar is another common form of depression that results in one having very extreme mood swings that range from furious to utterly sad. There are medicines that can help with this, but a good form of psychotherapy is also helpful. A different kind of depression that’s a little rare is SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is when an individual is affected by depression in the winter months when days become shorter. The lack of light can have an effect on people’s moods and specialists suggest light therapy. While there are other ways to treat anxiety and depression (in most cases medicine), Sprout Health Florida suggests other ways :

  1. Reach out to others for supports. Talk to friends and family about this overwhelming sadness you’re feeling. Don’t feel burdened toward someone, they will appreciate the openness you have with them. Being around other people and participating in events or just mere conversation can help relieve these depressive feelings. It doesn’t have to be advice, simply just listening someone talk about the news or the weather can help your thought process calm down and not have those feelings of anxiety or depression.
  2. Move, move, move it! Get up and move, take a short jog, or even just a walk around the block. The energy you feel from moving more will help with the constant fatigue you may feel. While you do this, focus on your body and all the sensations you feel from exercising, such as the aches in your feet, the wind on your hair, smell from the cars passing by, this will help take your mind off the negative feelings you constantly feel.
  3. Pick up hobbies and things that relax you. Perhaps a sport you use to partake in quite frequently but now find yourself avoiding it. The key is to stay active like from before. Express your creative side a little more with drawing or even writing. Go on trips to museums, or maybe just the park. Give your mind time to shut down, a full eight hours of sleep is the perfect amount of time for the mind to relax and feel rejuvenated the next day.
  4. Eat better! Take time in what you’re eating and understand the benefits from a good meal. Stay away from carbs and sugar which can way down the boy and ultimately the mind. The more energy you feel from eating healthier can help your mood, as well as make you more active.
  5. Don’t think negatively. This may be a stretch, but taking the time to understand what your thinking isn’t necessarily true. If the thought of being a failure consistently comes to mind, fight against this. Remind yourself that you can do anything. And by following the previous steps, this won’t be hard at all to accomplish.

If you find that depression is taking over your day to day life, and these steps aren’t helpful, then reach out to Sprout Health Florida and they can assist in providing the professional treatment you need. Without help, this could lead to other disorders that result in not leaving your home for a long time or even cause suicide. If you need help immediately, do not hesitate in reaching out to someone, especially if it’s professional.

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