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The ultimate goal is to help individuals through the process of rehab in order to live a sober life; to be free from addiction after completing our program. Sprout Health Florida provides individuals in treatment with the knowledge and tools for their journey to recovery. Our comprehensive treatment process assesses the individual’s ailment, be it drug addiction or a mental disorder.

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Individuals should find joy in knowing that after they have completed our treatment program, they have the opportunity to live a full and drug-free life.

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Our inpatient/outpatient treatment facility specializes in the care of individuals afflicted by substance addiction and mental health disorders. We are a mixed-gender facility that helps adults by employing a wide variety of therapeutic modalities, both traditional and experiential. Our therapies are evidence-based and have helped many patients achieve a successful recovery.

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When an individual is suffering from an addiction, the first step is admitting they have an issue, and seeking professional assistance for their problem. You can learn more..

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  • Heroin Treatment
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  • Addiction Treatment For Adolescents
Programs Designed for Comfort & Support

We provide efficient programs that are highly individualized to meet each patient’s unique needs. Our treatment programs are based upon modern and up-to-date methods, which are designed to help individuals gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to achieve sobriety. We pride ourselves on helping patients find, not only solutions to their problems, but also a new meaning to their lives.You can learn more..

Alcohol Addiction Treatment


Substances confuse the pleasure receptors and reception of reward signals. Because the pleasure centers are destroyed, the body will continuously want alcohol to stimulate the neurotransmitters. If the body does not receive alcohol it will begin to display withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal is a complicated process and will continuously aid in your recovery, ensuring that your treatments can be updated as often as your progress advances.

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Drug Addiction Treatment


Chronic use of substances causes changes in the brain’s natural chemistry. If prolonged use continues, the body adapts to the amount and grows dull to the effects and the body becomes dependent on substances. Patients who require comprehensive clinical services and intensive therapeutic modalities are medically-supervised to provide a more analytical approach to the management of their addiction.

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Mental Health Treatment


Millions of people suffer from a mental health disorder; unfortunately, because of social stigmas, a lot of those people refuse to seek treatment. Mental health disorders deals with an individual’s mental condition in relation to their emotional and psychological well-being. We believe in helping those that are in need and trust us, if you are suffering from a mental health disorder, you need our help.

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Individualized Treatment


No two people are alike; therefore, we craft our treatment plans around our patient’s individual and unique needs. We believe that through proper and extensive assessments, our staff have the ability to diagnose all conditions that patients may be suffering from. We offer plenty of effective therapies that significantly increase the chance of a successful recovery.

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Experiential Therapy


The Experiential therapies we offer are based upon uncovering the subconscious issues and increasing longevity. We want our patients to further understand their mental and physical issues. Our therapies teach the skills necessary to cope with negative environments, as well as, how to avoid the possibility of relapse.

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Admission Process


Our care professionals are available 24/7 to answer any questions and assistance. Once you have contacted one of our intake coordinators and expressed interest in the program, you will go through the following steps during the admissions process. We strive to make the entire admissions process as comfortable as possible and ensure respect and confidentiality.

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“The Most I Have Ever Received”

This is the most I have ever received from treatment! I have never seen more caring staff in my life. I will be forever grateful! Hands down best place and will recommend to everyone I know! – Mary H.

“Sprout Health Florida an Excellent Program”

I felt safe and comfortable throughout my stay. It was a pleasure being here, especially coming in being full of doubts and reservations. The whole process went very smoothly and everyone here was extremely kind and helpful. – Peter W

“I Learned So Much About Myself”

This program has been amazing from start to finish. All the staff here has helped me with anything I needed and I learned so much about myself here. I cannot thank you all enough for helping to save my life. – Tammy L.

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We understand that treatment is not cheap but take into consideration the amount of money it will take for your non-stop doctor and hospital visits due to your deteriorating health. Treatment, if done correctly, is a one-time payment with positive effects that will last a lifetime.

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After completing the assessment, Sprout Health Florida offers several different types of therapies to provide treatment for behavioral and mental tendencies of those who struggle with addiction. These therapies address all areas necessary to the path of recovery.